Tundra's Complete Dahlia Guide

Tundra's Complete Dahlia Guide

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A step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of multiplying a single dahlia tuber into a massive dahlia collection. In just four years you could multiply your dahlia tuber collection from a single $12 tuber to a collection valued at more than $8,000.


The complete Dahlia Guide includes:

  • how to plant dormant tubers
  • how to wake up dormant tubers
  • how to propagate dahlias to increase your dahlia tuber stock
  • how to transplant seedlings and propagated plants
  • when and what to fertilize dahlias with
  • how to harvest and condition dahlias
  • how and when to dig dahlia tubers
  • how to divide dahlia tuber clumps in the fall
  • how to store dahlia tubers over the winter
  • information on the appropriate humidity, temperature, and storage mediums
  • a list of several Canadian dahlia suppliers
  • access to support throughout your dahlia journey
  • $10 credit to Sarah's Cut Flower dahlia sale in April 2023

The next 10 Canadians to purchase the guide will receive a package of dahlia seeds in the mail as a gift from Tundra's Flower Farm.


This is a 23-page digital product. There will be no shipping fees as there is no physical product shipped to you. You will be able to download and print this dahlia guide.