About Us


h e l l o !

I’m Laura Gesy, a born-and-raised rural Saskatchewan girl, who moved to the city the first chance I had. As it turns out, I’m definitely not a city girl! My husband, Tyler, is from the city originally and was excited to try out country living. So we moved our little family to an acreage in 2018. Let the growing begin!

I started Tundra’s Flower Farm in 2020 with the hope and dream of inspiring you to find the joy in planting some seeds and watching them grow. We started with very little to no experience in ‘cut flowers’, ‘gardening’, ‘growing’ or anything even related. I’m 100% confident that if I can grow beautiful flowers, you definitely can too!

We are sharing many little ‘growing’ opportunities with our children. We are so excited to spend our summer days together in the greenhouse and garden. We are excited to witness new growth, and pretty blooms all summer long! We are especially excited to bring these beautiful blooms to you in Saskatoon and surrounding area!


Let me introduce you to Tundra!

Tundra is a great pyrenees, crossed with lab and malamute. He was born in May 2019. We weren't exactly looking for a puppy at the time, but who can turn down a fluffy white puppy? Not us! He is such a good dog, especially with the kids. We just love Tundra! So, this is Tundra's Flower Farm.